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ARAN Weddings has more than 20 years of experience at your service, our DJ's have worked in different venues, from Sports Bars, Clubs and Latin Clubs, Plus we are bilingual, we have the most prestigious brands worldwide to offer you only quality and presentation in our services, such as: Denon Dj, QSC KW Series, RCF 4PRO 8003-AS Series, Stanton PRO, ShowCo, Mártin, LED Wash Lighting...


Cesar did a great job, We were really impressed with him all night. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good Dj with awesome music. We only met him once before our wedding and he was able to provide the music we really like and really understand our atmosphere and just with one reunion! Cesar helped us in making our wedding the night we really hoped and we all went at the end of the night to praise it.




Alexis Savlov

First of all thank you for the coverage of our event, it was an excellent service. We had a wonderful time our guests spent dancing. He was always in touch from day one, was very attentive, timely and answered immediately all the mails. He fulfilled what was required.


Alejandro Muñiz​

Since we asked for their services very friendly, attentive and always quick response, that for us was paramount since we were away and always gave us security. The music was super good, put all the songs we request, helped us a lot to announce what was going on. I recommend 100% excellent work and very professional.




Ana Laura Nuñez


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